Where contacts are made

At the LHG Winter OPS Conference customers, developers, and exhibitors from all over the world get together. At this annual event manufacturers show-case their products, lectures are held as well as round-table discussions in which  common challenges can be identified. There are also great opportunities for making new and important contacts.
” We are sorry to inform that due to unexpected events the Winter Ops Conference 2015 will be postponed one year.
From 2016 the Conference will take place every second year.”


YagerThomas J Yager
Worked 45 years at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia USA,
where he was conducting studies of aircraft ground handling performance and identifying ways to improve safety of operations, i.e. pavement grooving and grinding, facilitating use of continuous friction measuring vehicles (CFME) and evaluating new tire tread and brake system designs. Helped facilitate several joint international programs with the Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada, National Transportation Safety Board, Airline Pilots Association, International Civil Aviation Organization, US military branches and many other aviation organizations. Started consulting business in 2010 focused on measuring and improving tire/pavement friction performance. 

Svensk Pilotförening

glanzJohan Glantz
Chairman Flight Safety Committee Swedish Pilot Association (SweALPA). The Swedish Airline Pilots Association, SweALPA (or abbreviated SPF for Svensk Pilotförening within Sweden), is a union and umbrella organisation for all professional pilots employed within Swedish commercial aviation. The organisation remains independent and unaligned with all the other centralized unions in Sweden such as LO, TCO and SACO. The unions Master Executive Council, MEC, is elected, funded and run by pilots themselves. SweALPA has approximately 1900 active and associate members.


Jörg SimonJörg Simon
Head of Airport Operations, Munich International Airport.
After professional training as an ATC controller, Jörg started at the Airport Operations Department of Munich Airport International. He has been working in this field for more than 20 years – the last three years as head of the department. Jörg is also a member of the ICAO Friction Task Force, representing Germany.


LisaLisa Gahm
Assistant Director of Airport Operations at Denver International Airport; she has worked for the City and County of Denver at both Stapleton International Airport and Denver International Airport for the last 22 years. She was part of the team instrumental in the re-engineering of DIA's Airport's Snow and Ice Control Program over the last six years. Member of the Environmental Focal Point Committee at DIA and is a member of the Large Hub Winter Operations Conference Planning Committee. 


LTU`s Cooperation with universities, companies, public sector and organizations both national as international is one of the reasons research performed is at the absolute forefront in our markets. Our research has an important role in the development of new knowledge, products and services in a large variety of businesses.